Model railroading can be a fun hobby for the entire family. The model railroader will learn several different skills while building their first layout all the to their last. The list of skills will include, but is not limited to Planning, measuring, cutting, painting, wiring, and many others. It is not required to master any of these skills, but if you’re ready to learn this would be a great hobby for you. A lot of the skills used in model railroading are skills that you will find useful in your everyday life. This is a hands-on hobby you get to see and enjoy the fruits of your work. Most of all others get to enjoy your work when they view and operate your layout with you. In today’s world the youth are living in a virtual world. I personally believe that they could benefit from a hobby such as model railroading.

                This section is designed to help forward the knowledge of club members, and others to the next generation of model railroaders. The document, drawing, videos, or any other item in this section are tips and tricks learned through the years. Take what you need, leave what you can to help someone else.

Most importantly ALWAYS remember to work safely!

Buildings and Structures